Political Lives: David Abrahams 

By Alex Hunt17 February 2014
Politics editor, BBC News website


By David Abrahams

18 June 2012

Revisiting the Arab Peace Initiative 

David Martin Abrahams
January 31, 2011

Finding positives in the 'Palestinian Papers' 

David Martin Abrahams

January 25, 2011


Middle East & Europe


By David Abrahams

18 June 2012

Recently I attended at the Royal United Services Institute a fascinating and stimulating lecture by His Excellency Mr Alexander Yakovenko, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Court of St James's.

Israeli and Palestinian Ambassadors meet at RUSI for the first time ever

By David Abrahams

30 Mar 2012

It was an honour that the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Court of St James, His Excellency Mr. Daniel Taub, was hosted at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) on Wednesday March 28th, for a luncheon and lecture. In attendance were distinguished representatives from the Royal Family, House of Commons, House of Lords, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Israeli Embassy, Holocaust Memorial Trust, YouGov-Cambridge, the business community and prominent civic leaders.

Syria - Russia

By David Abrahams

15 December 2011
The death toll in Syria is rising and the violent crisis continues.
The Arab League’s inspection mission in Syria, nor the reported defection of ranking Syrian army officers have managed to stop the ongoing killing and bring stability to the country. Placed between conflicting interests, the United States and its European allies have yet to apply any military pressure on the ruthless Assad regime. Whatever the pros and cons for a military intervention maybe, innocent Syrians continue to suffer from the aggressive hands of the dictatorial regime.

Is this Turkey's 'Golden Age'

By David Abrahams

2 December 2011

In his recent state visit to Britain, the Turkish President, Abdullah Gull, found himself in agreement with the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, on the definition of the current phase of their relationship. Speaking after their meeting at 10 Downing Street, the two leaders framed it as nothing less as than a ‘Golden Age’. The Prime Minster took the opportunity to reiterate the British position on the question of Turkey joining the EU. ‘Britain is a champion of full Turkish membership of the European Union,’ he said. Words that will have been particularly welcomed by Ankara, but not so much by France and Germany who hold a rather different view on the controversial issue.

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