Political Lives: David Abrahams 

By Alex Hunt17 February 2014
Politics editor, BBC News website


By David Abrahams

18 June 2012

Revisiting the Arab Peace Initiative 

David Martin Abrahams
January 31, 2011

Finding positives in the 'Palestinian Papers' 

David Martin Abrahams

January 25, 2011

US – Israel Relationship: facing a new era

By David Martin Abrahams
April 11, 2010

A common diplomatic and political knowledge is that if one denies a certain piece of information altogether, then this piece of information is 100 percent accurate.

Ban Ki-moon in the Middle East: the UN is not in vain

By David Martin Abrahams
March 26, 2010

The basic dilemma of the UN concerning its role as a mediator in conflict areas is whether international intervention in regional conflicts is positive or negative. Researchers describe this dilemma as sovereignty versus responsibility: where is the borderline between a legitimate act of international organizations that show their commitment to human values by protecting weak populations, and a harsh intervention in the internal policies of a sovereign state?

Golan Heights for Peace with Syria

By David Martin Abrahams
March 18, 2010

To foreign eyes, the never-ending conflicts in the Middle East are perceived as a Gordian knot waiting to be loosened by simply putting Israel and its foes in one room to talk until white smoke rises above the negotiation table. Nevertheless, veteran mediators who know the region understand that this is pure wishful thinking.

Abrahams pulls out of park scheme in County Durham

BBC News Channel
Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A property developer behind the creation of a £1bn County Durham business park says his involvement is a distraction - and is selling the land.